According to NyTimes Coke-A-Cola companies in India are suffering from water shortages that has been believed to be caused by Climate Change affecting the rain and weather patterns. This has also affected states in the US like California which is currently suffering from a drought, so they are also having a water shortage. Climate Change is affecting many countries that export goods and brands such as Nike, Adidas, and other companies with factories in a country with an extreme environment. We are currently trying to create solutions like creating technology that produces cleaner energy. According to EnvironmentAmerica the cost of coal varies from $700 million to $1 trillion dollars. They believe that the cost of fossil fuels will grow to around $23 trillion by 2030 if we keep continuing what we're doing. Many states like the United States depend on fossil fuel, and some say that it will cost to much to change from fossil fuel energy to clean energy.

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