Politics and Media are two of the most influential things in this Country today. So when talking about Climate Change there are many different opinions and ideas. Much of the information we receive about Climate change is fed to us directly by these two sources. So it's very important to separate the fact from the fiction. During many arguments on Climate Change their are people on both sides who strongly agree with their beliefs on the topic. Many different scientists use facts they find to prove their side of the argument, and they give this information out to the public by means of the Media and Politics. It's also very important to realize that different news sites and channels give different information on climate change because the topic is so split. After reading an article on the topic of climate change I've noticed that a lot of people don't believe the effects of climate change won't be great enough to effect the way we live. The reason these people fight on this issue is because of what it would cost to change all of the factories into environmentally green factories.

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