These are suggested solutions to Global Warming provided evidence from scientists and social media.

One solution to slowing down/stopping global warming is reducing our emissions. Reducing the emissions factories and cars produce will help change global warming. And ways to do this is by putting a limit on how much fumes/carbon factories can emit into the atmosphere. We also have to make it so that cars use their fuel more efficiently so it doesn't put out as much carbon. We also need to use more renewable energy. For example we can use more Windmills or watermills. Using renewable energy is important because, we can burn less fossil fuels and we use the environment to our advantage. And lastly we need to stop deforestation! Instead of cutting down more trees, we need to plant more trees. Cutting down more trees means less oxygen and more carbon into the air. If we can use other sources and plant more we can help reduce the carbon emissions we are creating.


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