What This Wikia Is About...[edit | edit source]

This Wikia is based on the Lakota culture and how it connects with global issues of climate changes.

Who are the Lakota?[edit | edit source]

The Lakota people are a Native American tribe part of the seven Sioux sub groups. They met the Cheyenne tribe, and the Cheyenne tribe introduced them to horses which they kept within their culture ever since. Horses are like family and friends to them, not just animals. Like many other tribes the relied on buffalo for food and resources. Part of the Lakota cultures, they believe that they were born in a cave called “Wind Cave.” Part of the traditions of the Lakota, they tell stories of virtues, which you may learn a lesson from. These stories are sometimes made up or passed down from generation to generation. The Lakota live around the central region like North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

Lakota Documentary

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A painting of a Lakota man.

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